Weekly Schedule of Artisan Breads and Muffins for January thru March 2018*
Day Breads Muffins
Monday Six Grain (V) Pineapple Coconut
Country Sourdough (OVS,10%) Maple Oatmeal Pecan (100%)
German 80% Rye (V,80%) --
French Baguettes (V) --
Tuesday Sunflower Seed (V,17%) Lemon Raspberry Streusel
Hearty Grains (OHS,100%) Apple Walnut (S,100%)
Swiss Farmhouse (V,S,10%) --
French Baguettes (V) --
Wednesday Six Grain (V) Spinach Artichoke Cornmeal
Tangy Sourdough (VS,6%) Carrot Cake(100%)
Potato Rosemary --
French Baguettes (V) --
Thursday Big Oat (H,12%) Cafe Mocha
Bordeaux Sourdough (VS,85%) Banana Walnut (100%)
French Baguettes (V) --
Bakerís Choice --
Friday Six Grain (V) Orange Blueberry Streusel
Cranberry Walnut (VS,75%) Cherry Almond (S,100%)
Hearty Grains (OHS,100%) --
French Baguettes (V) --
Bakerís Choice --
O = All organic ingredients
V = Vegan or H = Vegan except with honey
S = breads leavened with sourdough only; muffins made with sourdough ferented flour
% = Percentage of flour that is whole grain flour

*NOTE: Schedule is subject to change due to holidays, or special orders.
Examples of Bakerís Choice or other breads that we make: Asiago Pepper Sourdough, Bacon Sourdough, Casatiello, Ciabatta, Cranberry Walnut, Fig Pecan, Foccacia, Green Chille Provolone, Normandy Apple, Olive Levain, Olivetta, Parmesan, Pumpernickel, Semolina, Vollkornbrot...